Tips to Overcome Symptoms of Nicotine Dropout Due to Quitting Smoking

Stopping smoking is not easy. For some people, stopping smoking can cause nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms of nicotine withdrawal can cause physical and mental problems, such as stress, anxiety, and feeling weak, although generally only temporary. Complaints especially felt about 48 hours after stopping smoking and will subside after 3-4 weeks later. Nicotine dependence makes a person's body need these substances in certain levels every day. When nicotine intake is stopped, nicotine withdrawal symptoms may arise, such as headaches, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, or flu-like symptoms of muscle pain, coughing, and weakness. In addition, the possibility of nicotine withdrawal symptoms can also be psychological problems, such as difficulty concentrating, anxiety, the desire to return to smoking, irritability or feelings of being sensitive, difficulty sleeping, to excessive hunger. That is why, not infrequently those who gain weight because they eat more after quitting smokin
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